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Dee J

Moving the potting shed

150 miles!
I need to relocate a 10' x 8' sectional shed 150 miles from Swindon to West Devon. The panels aren't particularly heavy, just big: floor is 10' x 8', gable ends 8' x 7'6", walls 6' x 10' and roof panels 5' x 10' . Is there likely to be any sort of self-drive hire vehicle that I could fit this in? Otherwise the choices seem to be (a) Large vehicle with driver (expensive) or (b) cut the panels into sections (messy and lots of work to re-build). Ideas please.


You might get it in a 3.5 ton box van/luton on an angle, and that would be self-drive. Do you have any local hire place that you could pop along and measure up at?

We've got to move the shed from our old allotment to the new one soon. Only a matter of a few miles, but it'll have to be taken apart to do so. Not so much to get it in a van, more because getting a van big enough to carry the bits to reach our new plot could be a struggle.

And we'll get to find out if anything is living underneath it.

use a tranny pick up
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