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Moving to Lincolnshire - at last!

Wasn't sure whether to put this here or in Chat, but never mind.

I'm a sometime visitor to the forum and just saying hello again because we finally seem to be on the move from Manchester to the sticks.

So here to say hello to any Downsizers living in Lincolnshire or nearby. We're moving to village called Heckington - assuming that is that house sale/buying all goes through ok - which is near Sleaford, not quite so near Boston.

I'd love to hear from anyone even vaguely in the same area.

All best


Great to see you back again - good luck with the move!

Greetings from Lincolnshire!

We're a bit South of where you'll be, did look around Sleaford too and seems a nice town, we're just on the border with Combs, near Wisbech.

Let me know how you get on!


Rob R

Nice to hear - any plans for when you are relocated? (I mean Downsizery plans, like weaving veggies or growing baskets)
chicken feed

we used to show goats in heckington a good few years back not sure if it still takes place or not a lovely village though.

*waves from Northants*

Hey, I'm the right side of the M1 so that counts right?

Yes, the Heckington Show still exists - not yet been but already have one friend booked to visit when it's on next July! So house sale etc had better all go through.

And yes, Rob, plenty of plans afoot for felting with kohlrabi and knitting chickens.

We've ended up going for something much more conventional than at first I had in mind - in middle of village with no more space than we currently have on our two city allotments - but it will be outside back door rather than a drive/bike ride away. Garden is sunny with lovely long wall and I'm planning to do more fruit growing than have dne in Manchester - so will be back here asking for advice.

I like the feel of the village, though main reason for looking there was train line - I really hate driving and also am diabetic and have poor eyesight, so not an option to be somewhere where need car for everything.

Most exciting thing about (not quite yet ours) new place is big outbuilding, was old bakery - so lots of space for partner and I each to do things like beer-making, textiles, photography studio, etc etc - without coming to blows over who is in whose way.

And obviously we will be getting new chickens to make up for ones we lost last year - not quite sole purpose of move, but nearly.

Good luck with the move Smile

Thanks all

And especially hello to Chicken Feed and Toffer, not very far from where we'll be.

Have you moved into the areas you're in or are you from there?

Though I didn't know Lincs at all before starting to look, I grew up in Cambridgeshire, and my mum still lives in the village I grew up in, near Cambridge. It's south of Cambridge, so not actually in fens themselves, and there are one or two small hills round there. But flat and fenny feels very familiar. Am looking forward so much to being out of city and seeing all that sky!
chicken feed

i am a native of the fens.
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