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wellington womble


Is there anything you can do with the whey? Seems such a waste to pour it down the sink.

Why does it come in bags of whey anywhey?!

You could probably use it in scones.

And to keep it fresh, moist and bouncy. You can buy cheaper cooking mozzarella in log form whcih works fine for pizzas and so on and freezes well.
Jam Lady

This information will only be helpful if you make your own mozzarella or fresh acid set cheese.


2 gallons of fresh whey, no more than 1 hour old
1 quart whole milk

Place in pot on stove and heat to 200 degrees F.
While stirring, turn off heat and add cup cider vinegar
Line colander with butter muslin and allow to drain
When cool enough to handle, tie corners into a knot and hang to drain for several hours
Place in bowl, salt lightly, and refrigerate for up to a week.

Note: yield is very low: 2 gallons whey produces 1 to 2 cups cheese. Adding the quart of whole milk at the beginning increases the yield and also gives a more moist cheese.
wellington womble

Not from the packet stuff? I'm guessing I could freeze it until I had enough.

Scones would be very nice. I suppose I could also put in the pizza dough.
Jam Lady

Waste not. Whey is nice to drink, cold and perhaps with a few mint leaves muddled in with it. Good for feeding to pigs, chickens, dogs too. Use in soups. As liquid in baking recipes.
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