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mr olive oil

much needed publicity

I have recently returned from my olive and citrus groves in Turkey, where I spent quite a lot of time helping my family and staff to pick and preserve a few hundred kilos of lemons, the remaining 50 tons we sold to the co ops
By the time I left we had also picked 2 tons of olives, half of which we pressed and infused with mandarins and the other half with freshly picked lemons
The remaining olives are still being picked at this moment the majority of these will be pressed as extra virgin olive oil
That will leave the memecik variety and some of the domat variety which we prepare for the table
The domat variety is cured green in brine and lemon juice we then prepare it as chakistez and the memecik is picked and dry cured black
They are both selling extremely well at the white cross street market where I am attending every Friday until Xmas
I am lucky enough to have had a number of recent reports in the press with regards my produce, this has given my sales a much needed boost which I am grateful for, and hopefully the income will buy a tractor for the groves in Turkey
You can read these reports by going to the sites below

I have now started to produce sweet paprika, hot chili flakes, candied fruit, pomegranate molasses all from my own produce, you can rest assured that all my produce is produced and prepared to organic standards and everything I produce is what I am proud to serve at my own table
Please note that to make 1 liter of pomegranate molasses it takes the juice of 12 kgs of pomegranate so expect it to be fairly expensive but 100%

That's great publicity. I hope your business continues to prosper!
mr olive oil

thank you for your comments

Excellent - some really nice praise there Cool

I would have loved to buy from you but I live in the wrong part of the world. Nothing remotely like this in my small town. Good luck with the sales for the season! Smile
mr olive oil

i just checked out the postage to norway and you are right, you could put that towards a decent holiday
but thanks any way
regards mem
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