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mushroom i d help please

im sure i should either know it or be able to find it but what is it ?

tis growing on one of the old apple trees

Inonotus hispidus ,perhaps.

My guess too is a shaggy bracket , but I am no expert .

thanks,it seems to tick all the boxes for it.

pity it turns the inside of the tree to mush as it is a rather handsome beast

i spose malic gerontology is another new thing to learn about Rolling Eyes
Mistress Rose

Pity it causes rot in the tree. Depending on what the tree is, can you take cuttings and graft them onto a suitable root stock before it falls or dies?

there are about 15 more of the same type(newton superb from 2 id's)some of which are very healthy,i recon we take the scions from the best specimens.

grafting is planned,it might even make a few bob Wink
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