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Mushroom ID please

I know it might be hard to tell but can any one tell me what this might be please? There are about 20 shooting up under a tree at work.

Thanks. Smile
Mistress Rose

Is there a stem of any sort on it Sgt. Colon?

There is and they are getting bigger. I'll get another photo of them later today.

They had all gone by the time I got around to getting another photo, so they must have been edible.

edible to something can be very different to edible twice to humans

some folk recon shroom toxicity isn't defensive as it is often the diners species that matters rather than what usually eats them .
flies and slugs etc have eaten shrooms a lot longer than humans but it is humans who die from em etc .

i have seen very human unfriendly ones eaten by insects, slugs and a couple of times seen a squizzer drying rather nasty ones for us in a tree

there are a few that nothing critter shaped seems to eat but are ok for people.

overall "well something has been eating them" is not a reliable safety test Wink

ps " someone has cut them with a knife so they must be edible " isnt a reliable safety test either Laughing

ps " someone has cut them with a knife so they must be edible " isnt a reliable safety test either Laughing

Exactly. I have heard of people who collect everything that looks big enough to eat, take them home and show them to an 'expert' and only eat the ones given the OK, and chuck the rest.


a minibus of unskilled pickers and a choice master at the end of the day is normal practice with the less ethical side of the commercial picking trade

some pickers get paid by weight of edible ones which does encourage learning and some measure of ethics if they stay on.
some are paid by total weight and some by the day ( and are not taken again if they get nowt in the basket first time ) which are messy as both options lead to a huge amount of bycatch.

with a shroom i am not certain about as food or even if i am pretty certain it isn't food but i'm curious as to what it is i will take one or two to identify otherwise it is either half for the pot and half for spores or look and decide not food and leave them be.

trawl everything and sort it later is destructive

on one of my picks half gone would be a good test of edibility unless there are 2 shrooms and 2 stumps Laughing

look and decide not food and leave them be

That's the option I take with all the shrooms I see. I'm far too scared to take the risk. Sad Laughing


a far better attitude than those who have a book of a 100 edible shrooms and little idea of the subtleties that can be involved in a positive id Wink

that said there are some that are unmistakeable so long as the shape, colour, small, location etc match the description all will be fine.

even within one patch at one time quite a few species will show considerable diversity of colour , shape etc etc .

one of the better ways to start shrooming is learning the food only once species and avoid them individually or if they are part of a group with some edible and some not shun the whole group until you are much more expert.

groups such as tree located ones or the boletes only have a few to avoid, once those are known so a specific id isnt so important for picking the edible sorts.

some groups are difficult, such as the 'cybes, as the differences between dinner and dead or wishing you were dead are very subtle.

So are there some that cannot be mixed up with anything else DPack? I know a giant puffball and that's really about all I would risk. Slim

chicken of the woods, and morels are other good ones to start with Mistress Rose

I understand some people can get bad reactions from chicken of the woods though. About 10% of people get stomach upsets, or so I have read. NorthernMonkeyGirl

I trust myself with jelly ear/wood ear and giant puffball. That's about it! sgt.colon

Thanks all.

NMG, I've never even heard of those.

I understand some people can get bad reactions from chicken of the woods though. About 10% of people get stomach upsets, or so I have read.

I have heard that some people find Chicken-of-the-Woods tasty, but the only time I was given it, it tasted of the sauce it was cooked in, though admittedly the texture was exactly like chicken.


COTW reminds me of lobster, more so than lobster mushrooms.

Giant puffballs are poo-pooed by some, but Mrs. Slim made an absolutely delicious puffball parmigiana a couple years ago.

Any fungus can cause stomach upset (it seems) and I wonder how often the issues are undercooking (and therefore insufficient breakdown of the chitin cell walls), food poisoning (insufficient sanitation), or the species that the fungus grew on (with COTW it's typically said to avoid any that are growing on conifers)

st george's are fairly easy to id .

spring, grassland, pale buff, plump, with a indented edge to the cap. nowt else that is nasty fits the bill.

blewits, the lilac stem is unique among shrooms in their habitat and autumn timing

velvet shanks , purple stem, orange cap, frosty weather, grow on dead or dying trees. again nowt to confuse them with.

all delicious.

with the 'cybes dinner or dead can require a microscope ( which is not standard kitchen equipment Laughing )
there are some really nice agarics but a heavy shower can make at least one nasty pass for a delicious one
etc etc .

the better foraging guides have a "can be mistaken for " list which is handy .

something that has killed folk is that an edible shroom in one place can look like a once only one on a different continent . iirc several chinese folk have come a cropper by picking a familiar shroom that wasn't what they thought it was having moved to europe.
Mistress Rose

Sgt. Colon, jelly ear used to be called Jews ear, but in these more politically correct times has changed its name. You may have heard it called by the old name.

I cooked a stuffed giant puffball once, not a large one. It was too strong a mushroomy flavour for me, but then I do have very delicate taste buds.

Some more shrooms for ID please, if anyone knows. We also had some of these growing in our back garden.

Thanks. Smile

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