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Mushroom in Yorkshire - An Italian visitor!

I would like to introduce myself
I’m Edoarod and I’ve just moved in west Yorkshire from Italy…Will stay here something like six months for works.
In Italy I lived in the green U mbria, full of fantastic woods and mushroom and I really enjoy to take walk and hunt mushroom.

Could i ask you some information? really cannot find some info on the website and on the net..

Usual hunting in Italy are: Boletus, Lactarius (delicious, sanguifluus, salmonicolor ), craterellus cornucopiodes, cantharellus and so on.

Is the same here?
Under which type of wood could them be found here?

Also, I don’t know anyone and also I don’t know anything here..
If anyone would advice me some “ areas “ where are woods or forest or want to do a walking together, this will be really appreciated.

I usually could go only in the weekend and could drive for many miles without problems.

Don’t worrie, don’t want to steal your secret places....Simply, i would like to understand which species are usually hunted in england and under which trees or terrain they grow...i think that there will be some difference with Italy..!

Also, sorry for my english, I know is so bad..!!

Thjanks for your help


Welcome aboard, where in W Yorkshire?

Welcome aboard. Very Happy
I don't really know West Yorkshire so I can't speak for there but generally I'd say we're looking for the same sort of things here as you would be in Italy, certainly porcini and chanterelles.
With a bit of luck someone will be along with more area specific information for you.

I’m currently based in Huddersfield…have time only in the weekend but I really enjoy to drive so able to move wherever…From Scotland to wales or wherever!
it’s all new for me so I also have to explore and enjoy this beautiful country ( and foraging in the meanwhile!! ) 

hello,your english is better than my italian Laughing

all of your shrooms grow here,they will be in similar locations to those you are used to.
we have a few other rather nice ones you might not know ,chicken of the woods/wood and field blewits/velvet shanks/oysters are among my favorites.

rather than traveling long distances to far away woodland invest in an ordinance survey map of your local will show the areas of grassland or woodland and whether the woods are conifer or broadleaf, foot paths and public access land is marked .
with that information you can spend more time looking and less driving.
most of the best places i have found are not huge forests or agricultural land but small patches of woods or grasslands in urban areas.

there are not many uk shroom pickers so you might get funny looks from the public when picking but it is unlikely you will be poaching another pickers patch.

I’m currently based in Huddersfield…have time only in the weekend but I really enjoy to drive so able to move wherever…From Scotland to wales or wherever!
it’s all new for me so I also have to explore and enjoy this beautiful country ( and foraging in the meanwhile!! ) 

ok i know huddersfield quite well ,a few places to look.

mature conifer woods , from the bottom of the holme moss road there is a track past cartworth moor down to holme through the woods ,park by the reservoir and walk up and down is probably better than driving the track

mature broadleaf ,honley wood,hagg wood,bunny wood /longwood,quarmby clough(i planted most of the youngish trees on the slopes Wink )the river colne valley from longroyd bridge to milnesbridge ,farnley woods,etc etc etc .

grassland as and where you find it but the south facing valley sides tend to be better than the north facing ones

as i dont live there at the mo a good place to look for grassland and broadleaf species is tp woods and grassy bits(between paddock and marsh)

happy picking

if you like good beer and spirits try the grove pub

re exploring ,kielder forest , the coast from the humber to northumberland ,pennine way etc etc etc

ive just had a thought ,at this time of year if you walk up quarmby clough from the longwood road and go up the first footpath on the left (after the house and gate across the track)there should be shaggy parasols .on the grassy fields on the top there may be some flats.the young oaks will be hiding a few tasty things but tis hard to find em as there are no paths and it slopes a lot . at the top of the valley (along the track)there are possibly oysters on the fallen stuff and maybe some boletus under the old trees.

Thanks Dpack for all your advice!
i'm stasrting to google all the roads you give me since i live and work in huddersfield but don't know it very well...i cannot move without a satnav Smile

What about peak district?

the peak district is very nice to explore,the wooded bits tend to be in the valleys and the tops are open moorland.

the derwent valley is nice,plenty of historic sites,houses and industrial stuff,the area near castleton is also nice.
if you go walking on the moors map and compass is a good idea because it is very easy to get lost as the weather often changes rapidly from clear to thick mist and in autumn/winter they are best treated as mountains even though they are not very high they can be rather cold and windy.

a good place to take a look at huddersfield from is castle hill ,a rather nice bronze age hill fort with a good view over the town to the front and some mushroomy grassland/woodlands on the back slopes .

the woodland around outlane golf course often has boletus especially the beech wood in the valley.

Which wood near the outlane golf?
I see on google map shaw wood, that is the closest to M62, then, hirst wood, pighill wood and bonny cloud hill...

will take a look tomorrrow

I also send you an email!!

hirst wood is mostly beech and might have boletus at the mo ,but all of those in that valley are worth a look for broadleaf shrooms

i Can't find the other spots of the reply of this morning on google maps! Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

i leave you also my email

Hi edouardo, alex from wildmushroomsonline again. i will message you my email now - check your PM (top left under user status, you should see 'unread messages')

Looks like you are getting some good info already here.
I didn't know wood blewits may not be common in italy. They are pretty proliffic usually round here (wiltshire) definatly one to look out for if you haven't had them before. very good eating and easy to identify (too sweet orange juice smell FTW). Once we get the 1st frost i always find them in areas of falllen pine needles, if you spot a fallen branch blewitts are often nesting in the green needles underneath. When you find one usually you will find more nearby.

I normally use googlemaps too for directions etc but i have found that bing is better for shrooms.

you can change the view to ordance survey which as mentioned above is great for seeing paths/tree types&density/etc

It has not been a great year so far here but we had some big thunderstorms the last few days so heres hoping next week is better Smile
good luck

Oh one more thing a couple of useful web links

details of open woodland sites to visit

good pics and useful as you can organise by scientific name, genus or common (UK) name

great pics and has an 'in season now page' i used to use this a lot to know what to look out for

small but great site on uk fungi

food and fungi by season

you know this one but it is so confusingly organised you may not have found the digital truffles on offer there Wink


Thanks Alex!
really interesting..!!

Today i tried some woods again but nothing interesting and edible...Hope to find something one day Sad

Even in italy there must be days like that Wink Sometimes you just have to enjoy the walk....

I'm in The way to dalby Forest... Any advice in that area? Wink

No Luck also in the Dalby forest...Nothing Sad

How's the condition of the wood in the north? and on the south? Yorkshire seems not producing anything at the moment Sad

Hi Sighthound sorry to hear you are not having any luck. Mushrooms are definitely out there - found plenty of Hedgehog Mushrooms / Pied de Mouton (Hydnum repandum), Winter Chanterelles & some Porcini last weekend. Once the winter frosts set in Wood Blewits (Lepista nuda) & Field Blewits (Lepista saeva) should be found - both excellent eating.
Keep trying & I'm sure you will find mushrooms before long. Here is a photo of some I found (southern England) a couple of weeks ago (Porcini, Porcini Nero, chanterelles, Oyster mushrooms, Hedgehog mushrooms & Orange Birch bolete) - so they are definitely there to be found. Hopefully this will help inspire you to continue.


Will try again and again...

Just need to find the " right " spot to find something Sad

this map tool

a kirklees online footpath map,it might be worth exploring in the woods around farnley tyas now it has rained a bit more
wellington womble

I've never found any mushrooms either. Of course, I wouldn't know what I'd found if I did, but it would be nice to have the opportunity to be clueless...
Mistress Rose

Very Happy

Think next weekend will be the last foraging of the season for me..

any advice about where to go?

I want to drive so no problem if scotland or south Smile Just help me to find something and make this english experience a nice exdsperience! Smile

you mean like these

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