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mushroom season

Looks like mushroom season has finally arrived. Got a few Ceps and parasoles at the weekend (sorry no pics) but also came across a lot of Shaggy ink caps.

There was also lots of Lbm's appearing everywhere.Its very strange its like the begining and the end of the season all rolled into one.

Hopefully There will be lots more Ceps out soon as I found about 6 mid sized ones and all worm free,but nothing on the scale of the season proper.

Who knows fingers crossed Smile

I should really go out foraging again. I last foraged for mushrooms in August and got loads of chanterelles, winter chanterelles and amethyst deceivers. I have seen a lot of puffballs and parasols more recently.

It looks like this could be the last week,there is a cold snap coming.

we are still picking ceps ,bay boletes, aga. silvaticus ,aga. silvicola,lact. deliciosus,lact. detterrimus,clitocybe geotropa .shaggy ink cups ,puff balls and lots of other wild mushrooms-season is not over yet ,[last year I got my last frozen cep on 17th Dec]

Although it has been the worst year I have ever known for boletes in this area, I found seven medium to large ceps yesterday all very firm and maggot-free. Some were eaten last night, some still in the fridge, some dried, and the remaining (along with some other varieties) were pickled and stored in oil. I have never pickled these before, it will be interesting to to try them.

As bubble says the season is not over yet. It varies from year to year, last year I picked the first cep in mid June and the last on christmas eve. However, that was exceptional.


Loads about down my way too. Wood Blewitts, puffballs, amethyst deceivers, shaggy parasols, shaggy inkcaps all out in force in 1 area, along with a couple of Agaricus which I can't confidently ID so I've had to leave be.
A trip to the New Forest last weekend yielded more puffballs, porcelains, hedgehogs, oysters, deceivers and a huge though maggot eaten cep.

Even got enough to start drying them this year too!

Found gazillions of honey fungus. It must be honey fungus because I ate some and didn't wake up dead.
Funny though how you 'get your eye in'. I've even started noticing stuff growing by the motorway as I drive along!
bulworthy project

We've found loads of hedgehog fungi over the last few days.
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