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mushroom Virgin !

I've picked lots of mushrooms in my time but have never ventured to try anything 'exotic'. In other words I've just stuck with 'ordinary' mushrooms.
Can anybody tell me what these are, I found them in the middle of one of our fields and secondly tell me whether or not they are likely to be 'eaters'
Thanks. Bodge


They look like Parasol shrooms Bodger, if they are then they are indeed edible but i'd wait for a second opinion before scoofing em Very Happy

Look very like one of the parasols, but which one?

It would be helpful to see the stem cut down the middle, see what its guts look like.

With ANY white gilled mushroom, just to be absolutely sure until such a time as you really know what you're doing, make certain that it isn't growing out of a 'volva', an egg like thingy on the ground.
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