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My friends are selling their 7 acres in Devon

... if anyone is interested ...

if a decent tent/yurt for the owner got around any permanent residence planning regs i recon that might get some interest

They're living in a static on it at the moment, but I think the temporary planning has expired.

a static is different to a tent/yurt/teepee/bender etc ,with tents and mobiles it is often a matter of does the person ever live anywhere else and how long away

a few folk i know have got around residency by being off site for 28 random days even if other folk took their place

the chap i rescued from under a boulder in cornwall had to be away 14 days iirc but his pals could be permanent in a teepee.

it seems to vary from place to place

Within easy reach of Howard's parents, if we stayed in the spare room.

If only I could cope with more than one day of her cooking and bed linen obsession.
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