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resistance is fertile

My new Rifle.

Just to say that Im now absolutely convinced that the Steyr Scout should have won a design award and it works a treat!

Cheers BB!

Look forward to working on the best loadings but those CXP rounds would take some beating!

They're really nice. In .223?
resistance is fertile

Yep, just the job, really well thought out and built.

Spent an hour in the sun this afternoon blowing a nice small hole through a 3/4" ply target and then seeing if I could get the rest through the hole! Very Happy

I must get a bolt action someday.

Enjoy! Very Happy
Good luck and may it serve you well.

I've put in for my .223 (5.6x45) variation today for practical rifle competitions. My local dealer has put aside a Steyr AUG for me. I've shot one before and it's very handleable much more so than the AR15 for club use.
resistance is fertile

Always thought they looked really space aged! Very Happy

Does it have a built in scope?

It doesn't come with a scope but as I'm using this for practical rifle comps I'm using a cheap Hawke scope (89) for the time being until I can find something a little more suitable.

Accuracy is quite good, especially considering it has a 9lb trigger pull. I intend on fitting a 3rd party add on which will reduce this to 6lb. I put a dozen or so rounds through it today at the range to zero it in.

100 yards

50 yards
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