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My new website - comments please

Hi all,
I've just put together my very first website for the B&B. If anyone would like to have a look and tell me what they think I'd be ever so grateful.
It's at

Penny Outskirts

Great - really clear, few trivial suggestions...

Perhaps alter the background colour, the fuzziness makes a text a little more difficult to read.

In the "Convenient" bit, perhaps you could say which station, and which town centre, just to ram home the point Very Happy

And are you able to change the colour of the links in the text? May make it easier for people to see they are links.

These are really trivial things I know - the site is really good Very Happy

looks nice, though personally i would centre the contents of the page instead of it being to the left and i would also have the links at the top of the page, below the Header.

sorry - it looks a mess on my system all the links in blue are on top of the text at the bottom of the page.

it gets lots of errors when run through a validator
although some are spurious.

Looks okay from here. Agree with Penny on the background.

As a stayer at places, I'd like to know, do you take plastic?
Azura Skye

I like looking at photographs, so when looking at the pics of the bedroom its (only slightly) a pain to press "RETURN to homepage" and then scroll down to click on the next picture of a different bedroom. It's good that it opens up in a new window, but on the top of that new pop up window, couldnt you have a 'next' button which scrolls through the rest of the pics? Or have the links on the top of the page.

lovely building tho! i love the autumn leaves
Green Man

I would re- do the photo of house later in season when you have one with sunshine, spring flowers and a blue sky and re-do the one of the master bedroom bathroom as the panel on the bath catches the eye. Rest looks fine. I am in the process of helping my parents-in-law refurbish a holiday cottage and am having a battle with MIL about trying to simplify decor to a appeal to a wider and younger cross section.( A bit like the de-clutter your homes before you sell them programs). I don't know who is going to win, but the guy from the renting agency is coming to take internal photos for the web page soon. Surprised
MIL's Cottage

As a Firefox user I'm noticing the same problem as MarkS, the links on the bottom are overlapping the text and are pretty much illegible. Looks good in IE on my other PC though.

The main picture could do with a little more punch, with more saturated colours in particular as it seems a bit washed out, cold and wintry - it's a 2 minute job in Photoshop, so if you want I can PM/email you a tweaked version with a bit of blue in the sky and more colourful foliage.

If you want people to find you through search engines, some of the code could do with modification. Addition of title and description tags at a minimum as they are the basis for Google (and other search engine) results listings.

Of course there are hundreds of things you can do to a website, but from my perspective these are the most important things you could do that don't require you to do any radical alteration.

Thanks to everyone for all their comments, especially those who said what they didn't like about the site. I bashed it together pretty fast so at least I'd have something. I shall redo it very soon, esp the first photo - the garden does look a bit sad this time of year.
Keep the comments coming - much appreciated.

make it easier on the eye Wink
the backgrounds /fonts and stuff make my eyes wobble
the content is fine
a neutral background ,simple ,large text and an easy way to interact .
only good images
best of
make it good to look at then folk will read the details

Have you remembered the link to your advert here?

Would it be better to have the links opening up on a new page, so the customer doesn't get distracted by following a link, and not coming back.

Would it be worth stating how many bedrooms,and their capacity, so people can work out if there is room for their family groups. I wasn't sure if it was all the rooms pictured, or if there were more.

A page with tariff looks good, and posibly updated availability.
(I know I haven't got one, and it is something I must address!)

How about a local amenity or attractions page, with paid attractions, and local walks, points of interest etc mentioned.

I prefer hotel websites to have the name and picure with little information then various pages linking off it.

the background is hard to read, and could be clearer.

Do you have any diamonds or stars? There is no mention of any scheme.

When you have people in it may be good to take a couple of photos with them in, as it gives it more life. (Again, talking to myself here too)

A legal page with terms and conditions, and all the legal stuff is also useful, even if it says your appliances are checked regularly, and the fire certificate is up to date.

A map and directions are crucial.

With the eco highlighting there is also th bumph about not washing towels everyday, to concerve water that you may want to use. In the Eden catalogue there is really good wording for this, if I can find it.

I hope you don't find this too critiacl, I am updating my own website, and thes are some of the things I want to put in mine too.

You mention internet access - would guests have to pay an additional charge for this? I couldn't see this info.


A few points...

Use a sans-serif font (arial, verdana, tahoma etc) as they are much easier to read.

I second the comment about the fuzzy background - makes it difficult to read.

Put the menu at the top - if a user can't find the menu easily, they will go to another site. Also have a 'home' link/button at the top to make it easy for users to return.

Having links opening a new page is generally considered bad practice - I personally hate sites that do that ( I have enough tabs and windows open already), and will leave a site as soon as it does it.

Advertise the site where you can - Google needs good, relevant links to your site to help get you higher in the listings.

Sign up for a free Google Analytics account as you will get good site stats info. That can help you think about the design of your site/your 'product' as GA tells you what pages people exit your site, and much more.

It's good that you have plenty of photos as that is something that I like to see. Personally, I would plug the 'green' issue more as it helps to have something different to other competitors, and makes your B&B memorable.

Tay wrote:
Use a sans-serif font (arial, verdana, tahoma etc) as they are much easier to read.

Ditto that. I understand the Verdana is the very best font for the partially-sighted (and therefore everyone else too!), to read. Use it throughout!

I wondered why you hadn't used Multimap (which I like), for your directions, but now I see that it doesn't quite cater for your address.

Btw, I know where you li-ive! I've a friend who lived on Ashfield Ave., but a coupla years ago he moved onto Westbourne. (He can also be found here:
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