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My new website - has been redone - comments please?

Thanks to everyone for all their helpful comments re my website. I've just redone it and hope it's much better. Any comments good or bad are very welcome.

your menu links unfortunately seem to overlap with your photo, not sure if this is intentional but I am not sure it works

this is on firefox2.0 on debian linux

It's the same in firefox/xp on a 12 inch screen and it does look a bit cramped. Otherwise I like the clean look of the site though and the fact that you've really gone out to make it information rich - I feel like I know all about what you offer.

The only other thing I would perhaps recommend is to try to have the same menu on each page, in roughly the same place - it helps people to remember where they are and go back to where they have been. It doesn't matter whether it's text or buttons, but I do think it helps people not to 'get lost'.

When we work in Lancaster I will keep you in mind!

DO you keep any chooks here? If your garden is beautiful I'd stick up a little arbore (sp?), tickle the fancy of like minded souls! Very Happy Add a few photos of the immediate surrounding area, or of views from your house.

Otherwise, I think it looks pretty good and easy to use.

its too wide, optamise the width for someone viewing at 1024x768, and always check it with IE and firefox.

Aye, this laptop is 1024x768 and the text is off the edges.
I'd also suggest that you don't need the words 'see...' in the links - just have: 'What our customers say', 'Our breakfast menu', and just 'Links'.
Also, as Chez says, try to base all your pages on a template so you have a consistent look - if you use a cascading style sheet you can dictate a uniform appearance across the site. Have a look at something like for free templates.
Similarly, keep the pictures the same size and try to use the same sort of grid for each page.
Green Man

I like the clean feel. I don't know why, but it makes your house look clean too. Very Happy (I'm sure it is). I love your dinning room. I'm sure you are going to be busy. Good Luck. My wife is away making final touches to the holiday cottage. Inspection and photo's tomorrow Surprised
Milo wrote:
its too wide, optamise the width for someone viewing at 1024x768, and always check it with IE and firefox.

Likewise, but otherwise I like the look of it.

I know what someone meant about new pages, and although I suggested it, I only meant for the ones that go off your page. One browser only for your own site.

It would be better to add train and bus routes, as well as about 5 - 10 attractions, with photos and contact details on your site, rather than send them to the tourist board one. By sending someone to the tourist board site, they may see another accommodation on there and forget about yours.
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