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My website?

I've spent the day working on my website. Its something that I should have done ages ago and while I'm quite a way from being satisfied, I'm happy that its much better than it was.

Not too shabby. If you want text proof-reading then give me a yell.

Can you make the picture of the apples/titley bit below the menu a bit shallower? On my screen if I go to a page I can't see any of the text without scrolling down and people might not even realize it was there.

I'll get Karen to have a look at the picture. I'm not sure what you mean by text proof reading. Do you mean spelling mistakes and the like?


I'd appreciate it if you would. My use of the both the spoken and the written word can be somewhat adventurous. Very Happy

i like the content ,you have some good photos and the words say what needs saying in a crisp way

the layout needs tweeking ,for a lappy layout as mentioned above the apple snaps almost shove the words down and off the page and once one has scrolled for the words the top bar menu has gone skyward.

how the layout works on "new fangled"devices such as smart phones and tablets also requires testing

it looks nice with the spare space at the edges but if that space was used for the menu on one side and the content fitted into the rest of a page to avoid scrolling on most pages i recon it would have more impact and gain more sales ( most folk are lazy and cant be arsed scrolling unless they are led into reading a longish multi screen section and even then a next page button is better than scrolling)

i loathe scrolling and as i read a fair number of pdfs, books in scan formats,news clippings etc etc i have come to appreciate easy access to the words when it can be done.

Nice & it passes the new google mobile site test too.

Any chance you'd consider dropping the big drop shadow under the apple pic Bodger?

From a design perspective, it doesn't really sit with the rest of the design which is quite 2d. Adding a 3d element (for me anyway), makes me ask "why"?

Otherwise, it's nice and clean.

... the Welcome message, do you need to use the word website?
"Welcome to Morfa Nefyn Orchard" feels like enough words - just a thought.


I'll nip and have a look, to be honest its a picture I took ages ago and I'd not really noticed.
Mistress Rose

I didn't particularly notice that either. There seems to be a stray 1. at the top of the home page. I didn't completely proof read, but what I read looks good. Would you describe when you next press apples for juice as ' a few weeks' at this time of year though? Perhaps give a rough date, like mid August or whatever.
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