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Jam Lady

Name for This Type of Pot?

I saw this pot in use at an open hearth cooking event, 18th century, Dutch. Rounded bottom, hangs on a trammel.

Is there a particular / specific name for this type of pot?


I've asked a Dutch friend.....
Jam Lady

Bev Altrath, one of the two open hearth cooking presenters at Bouman Stickney answered this for me:

"The cauldron is a Dutch Hemispherical Kettle from Peter Goebel at Goose Bay workshops ( He makes two sizes. Mine is the larger and he custom made the lid for me."
Mistress Rose

I have a similar shaped cast iron pot with a lid and little legs to hold it steady by the fire if needed. It is called a Dutch oven, but I mainly use it as a cauldron for cooking stews and things over a wood fire in the woods.
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