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National Bee Unit - Bee Starvation Alert - South West

Email from the National Bee Unit arrived today. Here's the gist:

Beekeepers in the South West of England may want to check their colonies food levels, as stated in our previous Autumn Husbandry alert. Many of the Bee Inspectors are finding colonies on the brink of starvation with alarmingly low food stores. Remember, a colony will now need 25 kilos of food to see them through the winter. As a reminder, a strong syrup (i.e. 630ml water to 1kg sugar) should be fed to the colony at this time of the year and not a weak syrup.

If you have any questions about feeding then please do not hesitate to contact us.

For those beekeepers who haven't seen my recent 'Where's the honey gone?' post, well...sadly we're not the only ones. Off to get sugar supplies tomorrow.
Mistress Rose

Thanks for circulating that.

Anything that the public should do?
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