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Rob R

National Character Areas

I imagine some of us on here may find this very interesting/useful;

National Character Areas – defining England’s natural boundaries

National Character Areas (NCAs) divide England into 159 distinct natural areas. Each is defined by a unique combination of landscape, biodiversity, geodiversity and cultural and economic activity. Their boundaries follow natural lines in the landscape rather than administrative boundaries, making them a good decision making framework for the natural environment.

what a nice resource for many purposes

Very interesting. I am on - 88 Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Claylands.
Rob R

We straddle the 28 Vale of York and 39 Humberhead Levels area, though more the latter than the former

I'm sitting in the Pennine Dales Fringe (22) - life's just one long festival.

Fascinating Smile Thanks for the link, Rob!
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