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need a name for cider

We have been approved to sell our cider and I now need a name. You would think this was easy, but the kids dont want it called Killibury cider (parents are sooo embarassing) Rolling Eyes .

Personally, although our name and address have to be in the small print on the back, Id like somthing more punchy on the front.

Id like a contemporary design, red label with something simple on it, perhaps 2 colour (black & green possibly).
IAny bottles we sell will probably be at a posh wine shop in town. My customer Im aiming at is the 'normal' punter, possibly holidaymaker - not aiming at youngsters or crusty old beardies. Containers will also be available from us here at our temporary events.

So far Ive looked at a variety of names (some already in use so theyre out), but probably two words, the second being Cider.

Any ideas welcome.

What are the characteristics of the drink? From what apple variety, is it clear or cloudy, and what strength?

Wader Cider?

If I remember correctly isn't your husband a blacksmith? what about Forge cider, Blacksmiths, Steel Smoter , Oresome, Ironbrew (probably used before. )

Well, initially we'll be offering a slightly cloudy cider at 5% made from Cornish grown apples, a mix of dessert & cider apples. Its on the dry side of medium. No additives.

John has suggested Holy Water Rolling Eyes

Hernyek sider.............cornish for iron cider

sugen juice



I like the association with blacksmithing, but I think forge cider already exists. (I like Iron Brew).

So far the only other suggestion was rubberlegs scrumpy

what is the Cornish equivalent for 'water of life' (assuming that you know this)

dowra bywnans. Don't leave the a off 'dowra' as that means urine LOL. Not a good name for cider


"Traditional Cider from Cornwall" ?

I like Rubberlegs Scrumpy as in "pint of rubber legs landlord " has a good ring about it reducing to the still orderable "pint o wubberlegs" after 6 pints

Could you make an anagram out of initials or use a play on words, the name doesnt have to mean a rhing except be personal to you for example i called my jerky business wild dutch, it has caused no end of questiins but the simple truth is my surname is savage ana my wife was holland..... Savage holland = wild dutch

Hammer and tongs.
Thirsty work.
Steam hammer.
Rusty rivet ( unbelievably asda already have this).

"placename" cider is good branding and the type ,and name of brew can go in the small print

rubberlegs,crooked cock etc are usually used on inferior products for emmets

with a brand name that is simple and traditional (such as by place or owners name)will appeal to your target market and makes it easier to add new lines with "brand" "but new"

descriptive names for each product can be more inventive but simple seems to work best for brand name in food/drink products

I like beer/cider names with a touch of gentle humour.

Bishops Finger
Old Peculiar
Baz's Bonce Blower (and it was)

...and so on


Castle cider.
nature's child

I agree with dpack choose a brand name first then have a name for each different type it leaves you open to do things like pear cider at a later point or even mead. each with a novelty name and description but people can ask for a bottle of ****** and then be asked which type.

castle cider is a possible.

Other possibles are
Truly scrumptious scrumpy
Simple cider
Spotty dog scrumpy

a work in progress.

Kieran finished off last years cider last night(6.3%)....went down very easily. He was snoring his head off when we came in....

He was snoring his head off when we came in....

Sweet Dreams Cider
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