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Need some advice .

I decided to rehome my hens,as things been hectic here and the garden is like a bayou and I decided it wasn't fair on them.
They was fine here just treading water,anyways they were split into 2 groups with 2 of my wife's vegetarian friends on Saturday.
One group a bluebell plus 2 ,3 year old bantams
And second a silver Sussex and ranger hybrid going to another,
Anyway yesterday new owner of group 2 texted in a panicky way the ranger was sneezing.
I told wife to say could be stress from being chased caught and relocated.
The woman today said she was taking it to the vet,so at tea time she texts wife ,saying vet said it was respiratory infection gave her some baytril and told her to isolate it from her own, she was keeping them in a run alongside her own to introduce them.
She then asked if I would have them back for 10 days til they are all cleared,
But my problem is my lawns flooded and I smashed the run up and dismantled half the shed they used to live in .
So what do you lot think,I was wondering if I was right,and would I be ok to rehome them again ,as their in a indoor rabbit cage in my downstairs toilet which any day is due to be knocked apart to be a shower room for my wife that struggles with the stairs now.
I must be only person that rehome chickens for free then gets made to feel guilty and pays a 18 vets bill Mad .

Your friends sound like they are taking the mickey.

Do they have other pets? They seem to misunderstand the role. But they are friends, you'll sort it out.

Yeah she has chickens already,I don't know if she's the full shilling to be honest, Rolling Eyes
And it's the wife's friends not mine.i haven't got any Laughing

Do you want couple of hybrids that were pol this year shan. Wink

Thanks but I have 17 of my own chickens running around... groan... Embarassed I was supposed to be cutting back...
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