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Neglected Hedgerow Wines

I have three demijohns of wine in the bathroom; 2 are possibly 4 years old and the other is maybe 2 years old. One of them was siphoned into another demijohn to remove sediment about a year or so ago.

My question is, is it important that I siphon the other two into clean demijohns to remove sediment, or can I skip it and just bottle them? Always supposing they aren't vinegar of course!

if the liquor is clear and not addled i would just syphon to clean demijohn and then bottle with a funnel.

stop go syphoning to do bottles direct is more likely to stir sediment than a smooth syphon to a bigger container.

That sounds like a good idea, thanks for the advice! I'll be very happy if I end up with however many bottles of wine and no vinegar.
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