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Nettle lava bread

Pick a colander full of nettle tips - wash them well and steam them. Then squeeze all the liquid out, you should end up with a dryish ball of cooked nettle about the size of an orange. Mix some of that with oats and season, shape into little patties and fry.

By Colour it Greeen
Nicky Colour it green

oi! Smile

preferably fry in bacon fat and serve as part of a fried breakfast
Ty Gwyn

How does it compare to the Penclawdd caviar?
Nicky Colour it green

How does it compare to the Penclawdd caviar?

I've only used tinned laverbread so I am no expert on the real stuff, but based on that - Laverbread is much tastier, sharper and softer in texture. However, the nettle version is nice. imo. And I dont live near the sea, so, in these interesting times.... use what you have....
Ty Gwyn

Fully agree,use and adapt,
The bacon fat is ace,roll laverbread in some oatmeal first,that`s the old Welsh way of cooking it.

i will give that a go in a couple of weeks if i remember to prune for new growth on the "wire line"

although i had a lot of time in south wales when i was a nipper and stayed a 30 min walk from LAVERNOCK eating anything between glamorgan and wessex was not sensible in the 1960's

i went back a few years back and was still a bit wary

in other places i have harvested and not made "bread" with lava

it does make a fine soup shredded and flavoured with the odd shrimp, bull head or mollusc etc Cool

nettles and terrestrials probably have potential.

see my baby nettle experiment which has turned out fine so far.
Nicky Colour it green

I bet some sorrel mixed into the nettle would but a good addition
Ty Gwyn


yep , mile and a bit from the west edge of penarth.

some chums of mine were parked up for winter and living in the parking area of the 1960's asbestos ridden flats that overlook cardiff docks about ten years ago and still were when i was off to carmarthen ,so i took a diversion and stop over for a few days.

i took one for a walk and a bbq on lavernock beach which surprised him, knowing to light the bbq fire on a big log rather than direct on the beach to avoid the pebbles exploding really messed his head Laughing

it had changed a lot and not at all in 40 yrs, the ice cream stall in the pier entrance still did a world class strawberry version but the "front" had no beach tat shops or cheap cafes and what was a concept marina in 1970 seemed to have got a bit more developed.

no forte's cafe at the west end of the front was a disappointment but marine parade, international house and the 9 hole pitch and putt were just as i remembered.
the fairy steps , which wreck up or down for everyone of any size or ability being shallow and well odd on a decent hill are still there

i did not fossick on that visit but i had a load of ace fossils as a kid between lavernock and penarth(time it right or find a ladder or die or use the tide and swim out and then in, the last one is probably not very safe even if it works Rolling Eyes)

nice area and far nicer environmentally than it was, socially S W seemed as diverse as it was but the valleys were same as south yorks pit towns and swansea like middlesbrough ie deprived of a fair share of wealth, going by the town centre shops and marine parade it still seemed to have a similar demographic to how i remember it.

SW is an area i rather like and some of my rather strange childhood times there were educational in many ways.

bivvy camping for a couple of days on sully island was ace, my own island and a pub 5 mins walk away(fresh water is an issue as a resident as could the 5 min walk at the wrong tide)Laughing
Mistress Rose

I suppose you could make this with chard or spinach too if you have some. Not the same, but at least an approximation.
Ty Gwyn

Thanks,i`d never heard of Lavernock before.

Having grown up in the Swansea Valley,i would hardly class Swansea in the same league as Middlesborough,up until the 70`s the high street was the main shopping street,like most town high streets,it died when the modern out of town shopping centres were developed,the Marina wasn't developed until the early 80`s,before that the docks were bustling with trade,sand and gravel dredging and timber importers.
I wouldn't recognise it myself now with that 29 story apartment block that is there that has been blighted with problems from the start,and now needs refurbishments due to bad building practices unearthed after the Grenfell disaster.

" going by the town centre shops and marine parade it still seemed to have a similar demographic to how i remember it. "

that bit refers to penarth, i did notice the difference in swansea though compared to say 1970.

the gower hasnt changed much, church island is nice and quiet as it has been for a very long time although there are now bass in the surf unlike t'olden days

if you do not know lavernock you might have missed st mary's well, next one west towards barri, it was a bucket and spade and sewage outflow beach in the 1960's, now the sewage has gone but so has access unless you can climb(erosion up to a fence line has removed the paths and erosion has eaten the steps) or time your visit for exactly the right tides and only stay until you have time to scuttle along in either direction around the points to where you can avoid getting wet and/or dead.
this is reminding me where i learnt about respect for tides etc. not just on the edge but....
small boat, dead engine, force 8 and a spring tide is quite educational between penarth and steepholm Laughing
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