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new blogger

Hello if you are thinking that the weather is a bit wet to venture out today why not take a look at my new blog.
Penny Outskirts

Hello Dibnah, welcome to Downsizer. That's a lovely blog Very Happy Love the herb spiral, I have very good intentions of making one of those next year.

Hi Dibnah, Very Impressive blog. Glad to see you have small person earning their keep ! Very Happy

Nice blog! Am very taken with the herb spiral Very Happy

Brilliant blog and great photos!

Thanks everyone I was amember of this forum when it started but have not been on it for a long time or any for that matter but I forgot my user name, never mind.

Everybody seems to like the herb spiral I'll have to do a how to on it

thanks again

Great blog, Dibnah. You've found the right place coming here.

hi there , welcome aboard .
Penny Outskirts

dibnah wrote:
Everybody seems to like the herb spiral I'll have to do a how to on it

That would be brilliant - if you wouldn't mind, we could turn it into an article Very Happy

Herb spiral how to is up there but I'm having trouble with the photos on my blog. I'm going to have to make another one now so I can take a set of pictures to go with it.

Hi Dibnah -

really like the herb spiral - think I will try one of those instead of knot garden idea I was going to go with!

Good blog, too!

Thanks for the support, Good luck with the spiral make sure to post some pics.
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