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New chickens at last!

After more than three chicken-less years since our previous lot were killed at the Manchester allotment, we are, since yesterday, proud owners of three new chickens, 2 not yet laying and one a year old.

So pleased to have them again. Nearly didn't get it sorted for this year, but now we have made a start and can add to the flock in the spring.

I keep going to visit them to make sure they are still there!

Very pleased for you. What breed did you get? Very Happy

Two Gold Laced Orpingtons and one Vorwerk. Really wanted Barnevelders and Vorwerks, but this was what was left with nice people I bought previous chickens from. Not kept any kind of Orps before, but keep reading that they are good for small children and granddaughters of 2 and 3 are fascinated by chickens so thought chicken-friendly breed might be good.

That's a lovely mix. Very Happy

Good luck VM I hope everything goes well with them. Enjoy Very Happy
Nicky Colour it green

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