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New Favourite Chipping Potato

Us and Mitch Tonks*, now using Agria. Not tried the chips yet but Andrea says that they're brilliant to fry and taste great.

*Presumably his staff, I don't think he makes or fries his own chips nowadays.

interesting ,i will look out for them.

for chips i recon maris piper and saxon are pretty good and have slightly different seasons for chip sized ones

At the most recent chip test at a potato day I went to, I liked Marfona best.

If it's a maincrop, its blight resistance is a bit iffy compared to other modern varieties.

They're absolutely cracking. Obviously that's just the ones we can get now, we spend ages faffing about over which spuds to use. The local Maris Piper are going to run out in about a fortnight and the Fontane are rubbish this winter. The lincolnshire Piper weren't any good either.
Mistress Rose

I tend to grow King Edward and Desiree for main crop and use them for everything. Both are pretty good all rounders, although the KE doesn't grow too big, so Desiree better for jacket potatoes.
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