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New fishing kayak

Changed my ocean prowler 13 fishing kayak last week for a longer slimmer faster model - ocean scupper pro.

After putting her through her paces last Saturday on the island here

I went out again (with rods this time) and managed a personal best thornback ray of around 7lb - beautiful looking fish, returned alive after photo (you can eat them but dont want to overfish them like the skate have been overfished). No sign of the coalfish about despite trying for them with small shrimp rig on spinning rod.

Hoping to get out again tomorrow to try for some bull huss (very nice skinned and cut up into goujons in flour)
Iggle Piggle

Very nice Moniar, great to see someone out fishing Very Happy .

Always fancied a kayak for the west coast of Scotland, but don't make it over there enough to justify it.

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