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Graham Hyde

New Fishing Season

They have started fishing on the beach in front of my house today, the first of the year.

First step is to leave three people on the beach with one end of the rope....

then paddle out to sea, dropping the rope and net en-route to father down the beach.

Then pull on each end....

until all the net is pulled up the beach.

Fish are collected in the centre of the net

then put in buckets

All the family is involved

Some large angel type fish

But mostly fry. Four large bucketful's this time. They do this four times a day.
I usually buy a bucketfull of fry for the dogs and cats. Today that's one pound fifty.

It is great that there are still fish to catch and no wastage. That is how fishing should be.

None of that chucking dead fish back into the sea or trawling.

that looks sustainable if done sensibly,hard work but fun and food and a few dollars.

do folk sometimes net a large random beasty that is feeding on the bait fish?
Graham Hyde

Very small mesh nets all but the bay is open to the Pacific so at the moment no lack of fish.
Never any mention of sharks in this area. Around on the west coast of the Philippines and in the south (Mindano) whales and dolphins are common.
There are deep water fishermen who go out in 30 to 40ft long boats, hollowed out tree trunk, two bamboo outriggers. These stay out for up to five days.
Largest fish I have seen netted is the belt fish. These are normally found within one foot of the surface and the ones caught have been max three foot long.
Depending on the time of the year we get crabs, shrimps and prawns from the bay.
Only seen one sea snake, dead, washed ashore but I have found lots of fossilised whale bones.

no large bitey stuff is best if paddling with lots of smaller fish Cool

This is the same method we saw used in Goa twenty years ago.
Again mainly small fish that where dried before selling.
One nasty bye-catch which the fishermen where very blasť about where the sea snakes that very often got caught in the nets.
Far more venomous than most land snakes. & poisonous to boot IIRC.
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