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New Forest Disease

Anyone had New Forest in their cattle or sheep this Spring? I was alerted by friends who have it in 2 of their Herefords. I've checked my 2 ewes and they are clear, but I don't have very long grass and it's always windy up here, I believe this helps to keep them free. Our local vet says there is a lot of it about this year, I haven't had it for some years (like maybe 12!) when a couple of my Manx Loaghtans had it. Luckily I noticed in time, but previous to that I had lent a ewe to a friend who had a flock of mixed sheep as she was after coloured fleeces. Bessie came back some months later, definitely with loss of sight. I suspect my friend either didn't know about it, or didn't check her flock very closely.
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