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New Improved Recipe Data Base!

We've been busy moving all the recipes from our old data base over to a shiny new one which we hope will be much easier to use.

To browse all the recipes in no particular order hit the recipe database link half way down the forum index page.

To search the data base click on the recipes link to the right of the DS logo at the top of all pages.

You can search by ingredient, by author, or key word. You only need click on one box on the search page.

To enter a recipe type it into a normal post in the Recipes, Preserving, Homebrewing forum.
Make sure the title of the recipe is in the subject box of your post (even if the post is not the first in the thread).
Submit the post as normal.
Then click on the green recipe button in the post. A dialogue box will appear allowing you to enter some key words. If none of them seem appropriate just leave them empty and submit it.
There will be a short delay before it goes into the database.

bump, just to remind everyone to remember to put a title in your post and click the recipe button in the top right hand corner when you post a recipe

Just wanted to say well done and thanks regards the new recipe database, it's so much better than it was.


Pleased to hear it, there is a lesson there in simpler often being better, no one could ever say the system has more features.

Could we add middle eastern, or Asian as a choice, please? We have thai & Indian, but it leaves room for improvement.

I'll work on the keepers of the arcane arts. It could take a while.
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