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new pig owner in wales

hi i am new and live in wales i have 4 pigs and 4 chickens and would love to contact like minded people

Welcome Anni.

You'll find plenty of pig and chicken lovers here.

Odd bunch.

welcome Smile

Welcome aboard. Very Happy

Welcome from Northern Spain
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile

Hi from Somerset! We're not ALL odd...but all very different! Welcome aboard.
chicken feed

Welcome Anni.

You'll find plenty of pig and chicken lovers here.

Odd bunch.

odd never.........strange from time to time Wink

btw hello
Ty Gwyn

Shwmae Anni,

Where about`s in Wales are you located,
I`m near Lampeter,mainly Wild Boar i keep now.

hi thank you so much for all the replys thats great. i am not odd [only a bit] but i smell odd so im told. i cant get the smilys to work so its a big smile from me

Croeso Anni. Where in Wales? Smile
Green Rosie

Bonjour from France Very Happy

I keep pigs and chickens amongst other things - I too might sometimes smell a bit different Wink

What type of pigs have you got?
Mistress Rose


Hello and welcome. Smile

Hi Anni, welcome in to DS hello2
in the hills

Hi Anni

Just joined too.
We are in Powys. Between Welshpool and Newtown.

Hello and welcome - (smile)

Welcome Anni. I'm a big piggy fan (and most farm stock), which bit of wales are you from? I'm South of Aberystwyth.

in the hills: I'm north and west of Welshpool, not far from Llanfair Caereinion. Used to keep pigs, ducks, hens...


Hi Anni

We're new to Wales and Downsizers (though we've known of them for a while through a relative). We've so far got pheasants and chickens - nearly persuaded my husband on the pig, but still working on that Wink Not sure where exactly you are but we're near Llandeilo...

hi thank you all for your kind replys i had 2 of my pigs slaughtered on friday [very traumatic for my piggys and me, was in tears ] the saddleback was very fatty and the welsh was not ?both fed the same dont know why she layed down more fat than the other one i am sure someone can advise me i am near whitland by the way thanks Very Happy

Hi ANNI, we all understand how hard the first time is, but you gave them a good life, probably better than many. If rare breeds animals were not bred and eaten there would either be no more rare breeds, or we would be sinking under the weight of the various rare breeds. One reason for fatty pigs at slaughter can be over feeding in the later stages of fattening, when you should be restricting the intake so that the food only lays down meat and not fatty tissue. You do need a certain amount of fat in animals but you need to control how much, mainly due to the cost of feed. It takes 2.5 times more feed to lay down a kilo of fat than it does a kilo of lean. I can't tell you exactly what amount of food you should be feeding but I have no doubt that there are pig keepers on here who can. Oaklands pigs, for example, runs pig keeping courses and has a book. I am sure if you messaged him he may be able to help; there are of course lots of books which can help, Haynes guide to pig keeping is very good by Liz Shankland, as is Andy Case's book 'Starting with pigs' Both are available at the library for free!
I am sure the next lot will be easier for you. David.
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