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Nicky Colour it green

new postal prices

from 31 march
post office leaflet

I've been pricing up some parcels for Etsy, and a few prices have actually gone down!

My overseas postings have gone up by 15% Crying or Very sad

Didn't take long, did it? Rolling Eyes

it feels as if they announced 1st and 2nd class stamp prices, while the rest sneaked round the back...and the local post office has only just had the first intimation of changes, not the proper rates...they arrive over Easter weekend Confused

Thanks Nicky - very timely for me posting hatching eggs.

I've just been to the sorting office to collect a parcel: they seem to have had quite a facelift...

Talking about Post Offices I tried to send a notelet from Spain to the UK in its tiny envelope and they measured it and said it was too small. I thought European postal regulations were all the same?
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