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Ty Gwyn

New Proposed Coalmine for Cumbria

Well,i doubt it will raise any coal,but most likely a prospect for CSG.
Rob R

Limited onshore test drilling is due to start later this year, with offshore tests in 2015.

This got me wondering, were there many collieries that extended under the sea?

some but not many

quite a few cornish tin mines followed the seam under the sea but hard rock is rather more waterproof and less faulted than coal measure rocks

ps i expect they are considering ucg or cbm rather than digging for coking coal
Ty Gwyn

I believe Haig and Whitehaven worked out under the sea,many of the Durham pits worked under the North sea,Point of Ayr ,North Wales worked under the Dee estuary,so not a new thing,
The geology in the Haig/Whitehaven area is terrible,badly faulted and dip`s of less than 3 in 1,the projected outputs portrayed by this Aussie company is pie in the sky,
Another company last year New Age,another Aussie company i believe contemplated a similar thing Dumfries side of the Solway,nothing came of that,but their both prospective UCG sites.

the australian parent groups have been having a lot of bother getting run out of town/shut by state environment departments etc re ucg ,cbm

so they have formed new "mirkin"companies and are trying to get licenses here
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