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New swarm.

Reading recently about others gathering swarms & only getting three calls from homeowners with swarms. One up a very tall tree (no head for heights), one under the floor of a bungalow (Could have tried a trap out but the owner wanted them gone now), & the third very accessible but I was at the Royal Cornwall show & a little inbived when I got the call. occasion5 so no results there & a little envious of said others.
Thought I should get a top bar hive cleaned up that's been lying vacant for some time ready for a split & lo & behold a swarm from somewhere else (different markings to any of my bees) has moved in. Result.
Very Happy

There was a lovely little swarm at school today. A foot off the ground in a current bush. I wasn't exactly dressed for bee wrangling, so I rang Alison and she came and got them. I hope they settle in OK! I got some nice photos too!


They traveled home fine. I will let them out tomorrow.

Thanks for calling me. Very Happy
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