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New to composting.

We have been composting for the past 15 years and have a really good system in place so when the offer of a new compost bin foc from the Town Hall here in Spain was offered we took them up on their offer as you can never have enough compost......the saga starts.

1. Following a phone request for a bin we have to visit the Town Hall and sign to agree to compost and leave ID numbers.
2. Letter to follow confirming arrangements for compulsory composting course.
3. Regular inspection visits planned to make sure we are not using the bin for other purposes
4. Telephone call to tell us that a letter is on its way confirming the date/s for the compulsory course.
5. Told if we did not produce enough home waste, their would be a council collection point where we could drive to and fill up buckets to put in our compost bin - but it will be inspected.
6. Bin only delivered when we have completed the course
7. Watch this space.......

Only in Spain......... Rolling Eyes

Shhh! You'll give our councils ideas... Rolling Eyes Laughing

Just received my free composting bin from our council.

Excellent idea, although wouldn't have applied for one if i had to go through the palava that you're contemplating!

Our problem will be attending the course - it will be sooo hard to sit there and not start asking many difficult composting questions. Twisted Evil
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