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New To The Forums

Hi Folks,

I'm new to these forums and thought I introduce myself with a few bluegill pictures from this summer.




Hi there, and welcome Smile
Nice pics, lovely colours.

Welcome Bob.
I'm not a fisherperson, but the last picture looks extremely appetising.

It is commonly fished in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, and Louisiana, and is the state fish of the U.S. state of Illinois. It is renowned as an excellent tasting fish. They are relatively common and easy to catch.[citation needed]

Ahh, some kind of bream.

Welcome to Downsizer!

Thanks Folks,

We had a banner year with the bluegills....pulled 400 out of the ponds. Most are tucked away in the deep freeze for some good winter fare. How did everyone else do with the pan-fish this year?

Welcome bobby. Very Happy

I've done quite a lot of fishing for blue gills in NYS. They taste divine as do your crappy and perch. Very Happy

For some reason, there's not many Brits who'll admit to having eaten crappie . Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
Green Rosie

Bonjour from France flower

OK - have to admit my geog in terrible. Where's PA? Embarassed

Green Rosie,

PA (Pennsylvania) is in the North Eastern U.S., just below N.Y. State and very close to the Atlantic Ocean. Hershey is where you get those delicious candy bars thanks to Milton Hershey.

For some reason, there's not many Brits who'll admit to having eaten crappie .

Crappie are the best of the best, in my book. They are hard to come by near my home, but if you travel a few hours to Lake Erie....there supposed to be a lot.
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