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New website

I have just launched my first website ( my domain address was previously linked to my blog page )

It's still very much work in progress and for now still under weebly rather than my own domain.

It's here if anyone would like to take a look. Comments - especially attention to spelling etc. - would be appreciated .
Nicky Colour it green

looking good so far Sandra - I wonder if you should make it clear if you currently have eggs for sale or not? just a thought

nice clean look to the website

must sort mine,,

Thanks Nicky - just added a note to the hatching eggs page.

It's very basic so far but at least it's a start.

I also like the simplicity of the design and the good quality photos make a difference.

Two minor things.

Miss-spelling of Cockerel on the Cockerel page (3 line down) and the banner pic on the About us page makes me wonder where all the hens have gone!


Thanks EV - speling now corrected.

I agree with the choice of photo, it's my least favourite. I'm hoping to find a old black and white one from the past to replace it with.

(The birds free range and once let out in the morning disappear for most of the day.)

Love the colour and feel. ( and subject!!)

I am on chrome but the lineage layout is looking odd to me?

How is that configured?

Very Happy Callli now you've got me - too technical. I'll ask my son when he wakes may be a while.
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