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Hi Everyone.. Thanks firstly to Andrew in admin? For
helping me log in.. As I haven't got a proper computer this week.
Just relocated to Ludlow, taken out 2 kunes: and a mangalitza
( from Carron near pigs paradise )
We've got a few chucks n ducks too. A melovolent donkey
And his new companion Bertie, who arrived today from
Wonky Donkey..
3 acres of heaven and a house that's just got its first shower fitted..
And now has hot wash with.. A complete renovation project..

I came to the site hoping to find a mangalitza boar. Before my sow becomes too old )like me!(. Any chances anyone? For the sow (not me 80)


Hello Steve,

Plenty of people within spear chucking distance of you. Not sure anyone on here has Mangalitzas. I did have, but we ate him. Smile

Also from Carron. Is Tony still about, and working?

Hello and welcome. I love donkeys Cool .

Hello and welcome hello2

Hello. Glad you got in! Hope someone turns up with a local hairy pig soon.

Welcome Very Happy

Hello and welcome from Asturias.... Very Happy

Welcome wave
Green Rosie

Bonjour from France Very Happy
Barefoot Andrew

Hi Steve Very Happy Glad you got sorted.

Hi Steve, welcome in Very Happy
Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile

Hello from sunny Devon hello2

Hello hello2
Sorry no Pigs 'ere Laughing

Croeso from Wales Smile


Might be handy to ask the mid-Wales lot they're not a million miles away from you and might know someone who knows someone!

Good luck.


Thanks for the warm welcome.

New donkey settled in well..

Will keep trying to get a boar..

Haven't heard how Tonys doin.. Am awaiting a reply. I believe
Carron got rid of most of her pigs as she wasn't well? Last I heard!?

hi there,welcome

imho mangalitza genes are from a rather wild type ,a few folk here have decided that less enthusiastic pork is better to live with .

very tasty ,i managed to tame a m x berk enough for her to get big enough for proper hams but the rest were very bitey and went at roast pork size

are you sure you want a boar who may well be a bit fierce ?

the new tamworth boar is a sweetie ,m x tam would probably taste good and the tam genes should dilute the chewyness of mangas

kunes are nice and will get to a decent freezer size and are very charming

im not a pig expert but i know what bites ,canine or porcine ,miss bacon took a bit of taming with treats and cuddles just to make her safe to work with while she got big Laughing

ps the recipies on downsizer are as good as any anywhere Wink

Hello and welcome from me too.
No pigs here any more either, but it may be worth getting her in pig with an available boar and then take time to find the one you really want, that way she gets a litter before she gets too old and difficult to get in pig, and you at least have a supply of porkers to go on with......

i would tend to agree with rob and paul that however good it tastes it aint worth risking life and limb with the squealing hoard of teeth ,nick put his lad in the freezer ,the rosewood m x were a nightmare for paul ,bitey and bold .the one i tamed was the most chilled .for comparison the gos x who were around at the same time acted like well trained spaniels
i like em to eat but would not want to work with em ,one moment of carelessness could be nasty



are you sure you want a boar who may well be a bit fierce?

Hi. I only want to hire a boar, to service the sow... Very Happy
chicken feed

have you tried the breed society they should know of local breeders, if not you could always try AI (not magalitzas i dont think there is any available but you could try berkshire of tamworth should give good flavoursom pork in return.
Nell Merionwen

Hello for the other side of Andrew's desk....hello2

Hello from west-wales

Doesnt jon adis (think thats his name) have magalitza (sp?) maybe he knows of someone near you.
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