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newsletter templates?

I need to do a newsletter for the Cider.
I need something about one side of an A4 sheet with say 2 columbs that I can change, save and put on the website and FB. Needs to be able to have photos & the odd graphic. What does anyone use?

Ive just checked and I actually have Publisher 2003 (God knows what I do with this however)

been told to look at Mailchimp?

A newsletter to print or a newsletter to email?

For printing Publisher 2003 while do even though it's 10 years out of date. If you don't know how to use it find some who can, search YouTube or Google/Bing, or consult the help files.

If it's for email use MailChimp and refer to latter part of last sentence.
Mistress Rose

I do our Volunteer Newsletter in Publisher, but my version is 2007. I use two column and have a picture at the top. Other pictures can easily be added though as I also use it for the Coppice Group Newsletter. Two column is not so good for reading on a computer though, so you may prefer to use one column. Make sure you convert it to PDF before e-mailing though as some people can't read Publisher. I forgot last month. Embarassed

Thanks guys - Joanne is going to help me - I really will have to start paying her! Smile

Mailchimp is easy to use.

I don't use it enough, but I can do it.
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