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nice find

while clearing the big freezer i found a bag of flesh,now it has melted it turned out to be dexter stewing cut

beef jalfrezi
fry off beef in batches small enough to fry rather than boil
fry off several onions until soft then re add beef to pan
add jalfrezi spices,lots of ginger and some garlic
add tinned tomatoes
add a little water as required to keep it from catching
cook gently for several hours

steak and kidney
cook off beef(see above)
add a little water,buillon powder ,anchovy paste ,a little onion and celary chopped very fine,leave to simmer

meanwhile chop a beef kidney and soak in water and bicarb for half an hour,drain,soak in strong sea salt brine for half an hour,drain,wash,add to beef cook until beef tender(3 hrs) add smoked paprika,use in pie or pudding.

and i have a blackberry and apple crumble base on as well.

i like cleaning freezers Laughing
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