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No more wool yarn

All the stash has gone - there is no more woollen yarn in my house. There is a bit of wool top that I could spin into yarn but everything else has been knitted up or knotted into a rug somewhere.

Feels odd not to have sticks with knitting in various stages of progress around. I've had to resort to a bit of hand sewing when the TV is on.

Congratulations. Have a picture of a bonkers font as a reward. Smile

wellington womble

I'm struggling with this. Is this a good thing? Or an appeal for help? Would you like me to send you some of mine?
Mistress Rose

Do you want more?

I have finally finished the jumper I have been knitting for husband for years. I put it away for 10 or more years as I found it too heavy to knit, but brought it out again some months ago. Now finished, sewn up, and it still fits him, although rather bulky. Now we need a cold winter.

That's all my knitting too. Unless I have enough sock yarn to knit replacement feet for one of my pairs of socks, I haven't got any knitting until I finish the alpaca I am spinning at the moment.

That's a nice font- it seems to have a bird bath attached Cool

I'm not feeling the need for more wool. It's just odd, a little like one of the children has left home Laughing

That's a nice font- it seems to have a bird bath attached Cool

Not sure what that's for: baptising premature babies maybe?

font and pillar piscina (dont titter at the back) tis for the priest to get the sploshing water, wash the chalice/salver or his grubby fingers as appropriate.

they are usually separate and sometimes the piscina is next to the pulpit (to reduce fingermarks on the bible) and sometimes at the side of the chancel.

piscina can sometimes be found in monastic libraries/scriptoria for de inking fingers and keeping books clean in a practical and "holy"sense and occasionally in monastic dining rooms for ritual use before grace (and to rinse the garderner's sluggy paws before dinner).

i spose they have a practical and symbolic role that has parallels with the jewish ritual bath and the scrub down before entering the mosque.

iirc posh fonts such as that one were quite popular in norman gothic churches but few survived the reformation/iconoclasts with the fancy bits attached so the hood is probably either a replacement, foreign or a very rare survivor.

i have never seen the 2 bowl combo in a uk church but they are fairly common in europe.

it would make a pretty funky bird feeder and water bowl combo Laughing

It's in Brittany. They go in for OTT church architecture.
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