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Penny Outskirts

No Pastry Bacon Quiche



  • 5 medium eggs

  • 1 sliced onion

  • 4 lean bacon rashers, chopped

  • 70g wholemeal flour

  • 75ml milk

  • 5ml oil


  1. Beat the eggs and milk together

  2. Fry the onions in the oil until just starting to go brown

  3. Fry the bacon until just cooked

  4. Mix the onions and the bacon with the flour and season to taste

  5. Mix together with the eggs/milk and pour into a lightly greased or non-stick quiche tin

  6. Cook for around 30 mins until well set and golden on top


You can try using non-wheat flour as an alternative if you're allergic to wheat.

Courgettes can replace the bacon, for a vegetarian or even lower calorie alternative

One quarter of the bacon quiche is about 240 calories
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