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No sooner had we laid down tools when?

No sooner had we laid down tools after finishing our little stream into the garden pond when? Spot the birdy ! :nwink:


Lovely. Worth all the hard work.


nice pond,
Mistress Rose

That's really nice Bodger. We got newts in our pond the first spring we dug it. We think they found our pond on their migration to their original one and liked it.

Time flies and its two years or so since we actually finished the pond. We've had frogspawn for the last couple of seasons and we actually spotted a small newt by flash light a few weeks ago.
The pond brings us lots of wildlife and a great deal of pleasure. One morning last year my wife accused me of not having put all our ducks away the night before. There was a duck on the pond but it turned out to be a wild mallard.

Thats really nice Bodger. Im amazed you have the time.

I can't wait for the long hot summer that's hopefully coming, a Pimms by the river and its first run of salmon. Rolling Eyes
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