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NorthernMonkeyGirl is a dirty enabler ...

She just took me to the garden centre and I bought plants with no actual use other than looking pretty and smelling nice. But yay! Lavender! Clematis! Roses!

Did you bring them home in an Audi A3 or a VW Polo?

I'm not sure. But it smelled really, really nice.

Then it was an Audi.

You are still all rotten.
Beauty is a function!
Alo te lavenderis going under the bedroom window to knock everyone out by 7pm...
Mistress Rose

Chez, she didn't make you buy the plants, but agree it was a bit rotten if she know you are susceptible. At least they should grow for years and give you pleasure for a long time, so worth while. Laughing
wellington womble

I like lavender. And roses. There are worse pretties to buy (at least they don't need dusting)

It is surprising how some people react to gunpoint, Mistress Rose-buy these plants or the tyres get it!

Lavender and rose petals are both useful in culinary exploits. Clematis....pffff... I have managed to kill every single one I have ever planted.

lavender is functional not frippery ,medicine,flavouring,food for pollinators etc etc etc .

roses are functional, security hedge, medicine,flavouring,food(super high vit c in the hips),food for pollinators etc etc .

clematis is functional,medicine ,food for pollinators

a splendid selection of useful plants ,donít listen to em they just didnít know what a good practical choice those were Wink

What he said Smile

Ditto Smile
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