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Not Christmas dinner for non meat eaters

We all know Christmas dinner is fine and dandy, with goose and turkey and stuff, but that the real deal is Boxing Day, with cold pigs, stuffing, left over cold cuts and sharp pickle, with bubble.

But, what does the discerning vegetarian eat on Boxing Day? Life is rough enough for them anyway, with their mental life choice, but to be restricted to cold red cabbage and bread sauce, seems like something from a Gulag. I'm looking for something to replace the cold cuts. Any suggestions?

Current thinking is leek, roast garlic and dolcelatte flan. She will have let over tofu roast, too, but that's bad enough when warm.

Nicky Colour it green

feta spinach filo pie?

Mushrooms stuffed with mashed parsnip & Parmesan. (Though Parmesan's out if they're strict about it.)

My veggie visitor is having Pumpkin and Chestnut gratin.

Feta, Red Pepper and Spinach Quinoa Balls?

I used to do some sort of variation on the roast christmas veg or hearty soup. but now i've cured her of the malaise so I dont have to.

Our vegetarian guests are sleeping in the caravan and due to the house fridge overload unbeknown to them we have the turkey stored in the caravan fridge.

Keep it simple.

As an ex-veggie, I still like nothing better than a table groaning with different salads. Colourful coleslaws. Couscous and chickpeas, dill and potato salad, Puy lentils, pear and stilton, tabbouleh, cold chargrilled vegetables (peppers, courgette, aubergine). Raw cauliflower, walnuts and sultanas (nice in a mayo or a vinaigrette).

As long as the dressings/mayos are spiced up a bit, it doesn't have to be fancy.


Re: Not Christmas dinner for non meat eaters

discerning vegetarian

What a juxtaposition Wink

feta spinach filo pie?

Seconded. Pete's Eats calls in Greek cheese and spinach pie. It's ace!

In our vegetarian household we have a kind of cheese and stuffing plait with all the roast type trimmings on Christmas day and either a risotto (pea and mint is a great favourite) or a curry for boxing day.

I have tried to introduce different dishes over the years but my famiy are very conservative and entrenched in our tradition, so any experiments are off limits until the festive season is over.

I do get my way New Years Day though blob7

Stilton and pickled walnut pasties have been popular here at times, assuming you have both kicking round in the post main day debris Nick

Because she was keen on it, and I had the stuffi made roast garlic, leek and gorg quiche. It looks fine. Just not as fine as cold goose. She's a good vegetarian, she just doesn't like meat. She's happy for th eras ties to be cooked in goose fat, and so on.

There's also bubble, salads and cheese so she won't starve, even if it's not proper food.
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