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not exactly to the title but?

does anyone know who i could chat to? or look up? re importing a "food stuff" from a non trade deal sort of place, i have no idea how to do it with "paperwork" which would make it far easier

i was wondering about public health assurances, taxes or owt else that might be involved

afaik the international sanctions situation is "nuanced" and at the mo the UK seems a "free port" for some things and closed by practicalities and stupidity for others

Best thing is to speak to a freight forwarder/clearance agent. They should be able to talk you through it

Cool thanks

when it is grams rather than tons, i had not thought "freight" Rolling Eyes

i think of "freight" in terms of container ports rather than a well stuffed briefcase

Grams? Just don't tell them its grams

metric ounces, a kilo would be a decent amount to work with

tis quite a high value commodity, compared to road stone or timber Laughing

Should we be telling you to just grow your own saffron?

wrong climate and wrong geology, it is a bit like top end wines, move the vine different wine

i have grown a few in west yorkshire, they flowered ok etc, the bulbs could be split, tasted of mostly nothing

importing the soil and building a huge growroom seems a bit unethical

another issue is it is one of the few things that will grow well enough for them to make a (rather hard work)living

saffron walden in the uk got its name from growing it, rubbish for cooking but prized by the top end dye stuff market Laughing
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