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Not quite on topic but it was fun....

Ok rather than totaly hijack another thread Embarassed
Today I went shooting.
I got to shoot the Lee Enfield for the first time in 30 years what fun! I think I want one.
As a bonus I also got to shoot the .30 US Carbine M1 feels and looks like a toy gun but still has a kick.
and a a CZ 9mm pistol which bit back and took a chunk out of my hand Laughing

Many years ago I visited the American branch of the family and one slightly unstable of the clan had a living room wall full of WWI and WWII rifles. While pissed on whisky I was invited to shoot the Lee Enfield in the suburban garden. I declined out of fear but all I can remember was how heavy it was compared to the Japanese infantry rifle.

sounds great! i hope to do similar at some point.
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