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not sure it's wild but I'm hoping it's edible

This a small tree in my garden - when I say small, it's maybe 3times me = 15ish ft...?

I didn't notice the flowers last year but it fruited wee tiny strawberry type things. I looked up strawberry tree but the flowers are way wrong...

Anyone recognise it?

Click to see full size image

It looks like a form of cultivated-flowering dogwood.

If you enter dogwood into google images you get many more pictures. If it is that then the fruits may not be worth trying anyway.

Its definatly a dogwood
Jam Lady

It looks like Japanese dogwood, Cornus kousa The fruits look like warty, dull red cherries. They are edible, but most that I've sampled are not especially tasty. In fact I'd say "insipid" is more like it. So enjoy the tree for it's lovely flowers and the pretty-to-look-at fruit.

Jam Lady

Thanks everybody...

thanks for the links Treacodactyl - very useful...

So it is Cornus kousa...

PFAF give it an edibilty rating 5/5 Confused I suppose I'll just have to try it myself and see if it's to my taste

Thanks again Cool

Tilia wrote:
I suppose I'll just have to try it myself and see if it's to my taste

Yup, I went on a course at a couple of years ago, nuts that were described on the website as tasty just plain weren't, the worst one was bladdernut which according to the description was "pistachio like", yeah right, like the occasional really dodgy bitter one, but much harder...


was the course any good?

Excellent, as was the forest gardening one. He's a great bloke. These are his 07 courses:
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