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npower sent us an energy monitor.

We got a parcel from them and there it was.I have set it up but not yet sorted out the cost settings and dual tariff yet.It sits in the front room and Boris has started looking at the consumption of the various bits of gagetry around the place.
Unfortunatly there are a fair number of things that have to stay on standby,the usual suspects like the tv and a couple of stereo systems.Also cordless phones, the time clocks on the heating and the clock on the cooker. I think the fridge and the freezer will be our biggest consumers of lekky but the henry hoover certainly makes it sit up and take notice.
Time will tell.

Re: npower sent us an energy monitor.

Unfortunatly there are a fair number of things that have to stay on standby,the usual suspects like the tv and a couple of stereo systems.


because they lose their marbles and have to be re tuned,Boris uses them and can't be doing with retuning and faffing about and I suppose at 79 and 11/12ths he probably has a point. As his eyesight is not so good anymore and he has problems reading, the wireless and the telly [which he can still watch] become more important.
the real issue is the way things are.
Stuff that cant be turned off at the wall
The TV,it has an off switch which we use
The DVD machine,switch it off on the front but it still switches on with the remote
The big stereo in the front room ,in daily use often for Boris's talking books.
Bedroom radio/cd player,for those early nights after a hard days graft outside or the morning news.
Stuff that ticks away in the background ,heating controls,fridge,freezer.

Anything that can be switched off at the socket is but there is no total escape from energy vampires.
Boris has done the "off grid" living in his youth,country childhood.He would not willingly give up his comforts.
Me I have had my time of oil lamps and primus stoves with a battery wireless for entertainment .

That sucks. Our TV keeps all its digital channels & settings.

Last time I checked our TV, video, DVD, Digibox used nearly 80% of its on power when turned off. Thats when we ditched the separates & got a TV with DVD / digi box combined that could be turned off. Even when on it uses less than 60% of the off power of the old set up.

It is a bit of a pain but cant be helped,the minute Boris decides he can't see well enough to watch the telly I think I will move it all on to another home .I managed years without a telly and never missed it.Iam sure a lot of the good folks on here feel the same.
Experiments with a plug in energy monitor [from Lidl!]revealed that even when switched off on the front and seemingly off the washing machine was using a small amount of lekky so it is now switched off at the wall
Maybe we should start a thread on energy vampires Question
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