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Nucleus of bees

Is there still a demand for these? I apparently need second a national hive, as a back up, just in case etc etc. I would hate to lose them and it is difficult to manipulate between the national and the topbar hive. I cannot really afford this and I don't want anymore hives to work with but but, but. The hive is teeming, I would hate to lose them I've said that haven't I). I've forestalled swarming twice now and have just taken off five frames and passed them on to someone as a thank you. I am going to have to do this again in a week or so and I could then sell these bees and purchase a new hive. Are they easy to sell?

You should be able to sell them with ease but you could always reunite them after the swarming season so you have a strong force for the main flow.
More experienced beekeepers will select the best queen but if you struggle to find her maj they can be united with both queens & left to decide for themselves who's boss.
Or if that seems cruel use the nuc to reinforce the main colony by taking brood minus bees & replacing with empty frames. That way you have two queens producing bees making your main colony super abundant.
There are many ways to skin the cat & having a nucleus will increase your options.
So my advice would be split them but don't be in a hurry to get rid.
Use them & either sell or reunite later in the season.
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