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I found 2 bags of nuts in a cupboard here best before 2005. One bag of mixed, one hazel.
I'm generally inclined to disregard best before, and I think nuts are something that would go mouldy, dry out or otherwise be obvious, so I have tried a couple of the hazelnuts and they don't seem too bad.

So does anybody want to tell me I have got it wrong, and old nuts can turn toxic without showing any signs?
Or should I just eat them/make cake/ feed them to the squirrels (and make squirrel cake)?

i've always found older nuts to be rancid. inedibly foul.

I mistakenly ate some brazils that were quite a bit out of date - tasted a bit odd but never thought much about it until I woke at 3am with violent abdominal pain and sweating....I personally wouldn't wish that on anyone - bin.

When the oils in the nut go rancid, which is very likely in your case, they become really bad for you.
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