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NZ x Californian rabbits, breeding trio for sale

I am having yet another cull of activities in order to get our life down to manageable proportions. This time it's the rabbits.

A buck and two does. Tame enough to hand-feed and handle if you need to doctor them, but not pets. Proven fertile. One doe consistently produces 12 kits, one produces 8. I put them in kit two days apart and even the babies up so they both have ten.

Does are in kit, due w/c 21st July.

40 the trio.

They are twelve months old, NZ/Californian crosses. This gives a good sized meat rabbit. You can kill at 8 weeks, or at 18+. The skins are beautiful, I am going to have a go at tanning the most recent half dozen.

They need a minimum 8 square foot of cage or hutch each. I am currently keeping them in a colony-pen, which is, so far, working well. I'm about to do a little article on it, with photos Smile

I'm keeping my two English Giant does, at this point. Partly because one has escaped and is living wild in the garden.
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